Find Discount Radar Detectors Online

The search for discount radar detectors can be frustrating. If you have to spend an hour wading through search results just to save an extra $5, have you really ended up ahead? Probably not. Your time is worth much more than $5 per hour. To save you that frustration, we've identified some of the best sources of discount radar detectors.

Your Best Sources of Discount Radar Detectors

Road Trip Ready has spent some time reviewing the best places to go for deals on radar detectors. Here's a rundown of where you're most likely to find quality products at fair prices:

  • A good rule of thumb is that Amazon is the first place you should check for a good deal on anything. No, they're not always the cheapest. But at the very least, you can spend two minutes on Amazon and get a very good overview of the most competitive prices for a wide range of radar detectors.

    Just visit Amazon, search for radar detectors, and sort the results by Price: Low to High. You can check the user ratings to determine which of the lower-priced models are actually a good deal - and which are a ripoff.

  • No offense to Amazon, but sometimes you search for an item there and end up with a bunch of irrelevant results mixed in with the relevant ones. So, here's a site with nothing but radar detectors. Not only will you find what you're looking for a little more quickly, but you'll also avoid making the impulse buys that are so common on Amazon.

    In case looks matter to you, BuyRadarDetectors is a well-designed website. They offer same-day shipping, which can be handy if you're leaving for your road trip in three days and left your purchase until the last minute. And if you're really just trying to save money (who isn't?), you'll want to check out the page full of discount radar detectors.

  • Here's another well-organized, intuitive site for finding good deals on radar detectors. They provide separate sections for laser jammers, photo radar products, motorcycle radar detectors, and more. This is probably the best website for a true gadget junkie.

More Radar Detector Resources for You

Here are some more resources to guide you in your search for the right radar detector:

Best overall radar detector. Finding the right model for you will depend on several factors. Here are some tips to help you decide.

Radar detector ratings. Want to see what the experts - and the general public - think? Here's where to find the most helpful opinions online.

Radar detectors illegal? Are radar detectors illegal? If so, where? This page will answer your questions.

We hope these pages will not only help you save money on a radar detector, but also help you avoid a speeding ticket or two.

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