Get Road Trip Ideas from Our 4,393-Mile Adventure

In 2006, my wife and I took a 17-day, 4,393-mile road trip with our 15-month-old daughter. We couldn't resist the lure of the open highway—and neither can you. That's why you're reading this page.

Based on the lessons we learned—and the fun we had—on that journey, we started We're here to walk you through all the preparations you'll need to make before you hit the road. And we want to help you avoid the common mistakes that can turn a potentially exciting adventure into just another long drive.

So, as you explore this website, count on getting answers to questions such as:

>"What road trip essentials should I pack?"
>"Got any tips on how to save gas?"
>"Know where to find cheap motel rooms that won't gross me out?"
>"What's the healthiest fast food to eat on my trip?"
>"Where can I find discount radar detectors online?"

Now, wait a minute!

How can your drive be fun and spontaneous if you plan it all out in advance?

It's simple. You make a plan so you don't have to worry. And then once you're out on the open road, you change your plan whenever the mood hits you. Drive off the main highway. Take an extra long stop. Or spend the night somewhere unexpected.

That's how we took the journey of a lifetime. (And for the record, we had only two Unscheduled Baby Stops in two weeks!)

So, enjoy planning your travels, and we'll see you out on the open road.

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