Road Trip Fun: Make the Miles Fly By

When you're planning your road trip, don't forget road trip fun. Yes, road trips are inherently fun. If you didn't agree with me, you wouldn't be reading this page.

But you should also plan some specific activities and adventures to help get you out of the car and give you a much-needed change of pace. And spend some time thinking of fun games and activities for while you're traveling (provided you're not the one who's actually at the wheel).

Here are some ideas for experiencing more road trip fun on your next journey.

Plan Fun Road Trip Stops

Too many people underestimate road trip stops. They think stops are just downtime - a necessary evil in which you recharge and refuel as quickly as possible, then hit the road again. But if you plan your stops carefully, you may just experience some of the most memorable moments on your entire trip. Learn more about road trip stops.

Pack Car Games for the Kids

I happen to think looking out the window on a road trip is a great education for kids. But I also realize that for some odd reason, some children get bored with this. Before you set out on your next long drive, make sure you've given your kids something to do. You don't have to go overboard here. There are many good, wholesome, affordable car games for kids.

A word of warning: if you're packing toys for a baby, pack only the ones you wouldn't mind having thrown at the back of your head during a traffic jam, or banged repeatedly into the side of the car.

Bring the Best Driving Music

The music you love is generally the best music to bring on a road trip. Having said that, if you're into super-loud death metal, that may not put you in the best mental state to concentrate on the road for long stretches.

On the flip side, if you love classical (as we do), you may find much of it too quiet to hear over the sound of your engine. So, bring your faves, and then decide which of it will make the best driving music.

No matter where you're going and how quickly you need to get there, we hope these ideas help you have more fun on your next road trip.

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