Best Road Trip Ever: Get Inspired by Our Route

You're trying to plan the best road trip ever. But there's no sense in just grasping at random road trip destinations: "Hey, let's drive to the Grand Canyon." You want to know what to expect along the way.

The truth is, we can't tell you exactly what you'll encounter on any given road trip. But by sharing our road trip experience, we can spark your creativity for the types of terrain and different situations you would like to tackle.

What Possessed Us to Take This Trip? 

As you'll see on the other pages of this site, one of the best ways to plan your trip is to follow a step-by-step process. But you can also learn a lot by reading someone else's story and using it as a source of road trip ideas.

Did we really, seriously, take a 15-month-old baby on a 4,393-mile drive for two weeks? What possessed us to do it? And how did it all turn out? You're about to see for yourself.

Stories from Our Best Road Trip

Each day is its own story. Each place we visited—even if we just stopped for gas—had its own feel, its own flavor.

Here are the highlights:

Bakersfield newspaper. We went in search of the Bakersfield newspaper, but we ended up with much more: a hearing-impaired kit.

Utah State Parks. Here we learned why it's sometimes a good idea to hope for gray skies on your road trip. (Hint: the subdued lighting makes the red rocks "pop.")

Kayenta, Arizona. We didn't realize there was any such thing as a historic Burger King until we stopped here for a night.

Four Corners Monument. It's a hopelessly touristy thing to do, but you just have to stop and pad your state stats here.

Santa Fe newspaper. The name of the Santa Fe newspaper had us scratching our heads. But we loved our two-night stop in this city. 

Liberal, Kansas. We had to cross two panhandles to get here, but we got to see Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz.

Greensburg, Kansas. This town was unforgettable because of more than just the world's deepest hand-dug well.

Kansas map. We'll never call Kansas a "flyover" state again. Our drive through the rural quiet was highly enjoyable. 

You can't see any of these things if you're flying over them. So start reading about our best road trip. Happy travels!

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