Road Trip Pics: Glimpses of Our 4,393-Mile Journey

Even as a writer, I have to admit that it's the road trip pics that really tell the story of any long journey. How can mere words describe the red rock of southern Utah, the solitude of the Arizona desert, or the ruggedness of rural Wyoming?

You don't need a fancy camera or advanced photography skills to take good road trip pics. You just need to get out there, point, and shoot. What your pictures may lack in professionalism, they'll more than make up for in sentimental value. 

Enjoy Our Favorite Road Trip Pics

Explore these pages to see pictures from some of our favorite road trip stops.

Hand Dug Well. This hand dug well in Greensburg, Kansas was, ahem, well worth a one-hour stop.

Navajo Code Talkers. The Navajo Code Talkers historical exhibit in Kayenta, Arizona isn't in a museum, a library, or even a school. It's in a Burger King. I'm not kidding.

Four Corners National Monument. I guess I was expecting the Four Corners National Monument to be a bit more built-up and touristy. What a pleasure to be wrong.

Wizard of Oz, Kansas. A stop in Liberal, Kansas gave us the chance to see Dorothy's house, rub elbows with the Tin Man, and, quite literally, follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Lake Powell Water Level. Does Lake Powell still have water at the height of summer? These pictures have your answer.

Denton, Nebraska. Out on the rural fringes of Lincoln, we discovered a seminary located in a peaceful, picturesque spot. But nobody was there.

St. Louis Gateway Arch. The famous St. Louis Arch was great and all. But up close, it just didn't look how I pictured.

Barstow, California. On the first major pit stop of our road trip, we enjoyed lunch and an unusual soda in a McDonald's that thinks it's a train.

Kanab, Utah. This small town near the Arizona border seems to be a crossroads for outdoor adventures.

Wyoming State Capitol. Downtown Cheyenne is clean and pleasant, capped off by a visually appealing and highly accessible state capitol.

Old Town Wichita. What better place to stop for lunch than a revitalized warehouse district that features trendy new restaurants, art galleries, and a grassy courtyard?

Use these photos to inspire your imagination and plan the types of shots you'll want to collect on your next road trip.

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