Car Driving Tips: Getting There Safe and Happy

Nobody wants to admit they might need car driving tips. When we get behind the wheel of a car, we tend to think we're the safest, most skilled driver on the road.

So think of this section of Road Trip Ready as mostly advice for dealing with the careless people you might encounter on your next road trip. In fact, when I was learning to drive, my father used to tell me, "Rule number one is to allow for the idiot." That was the first of many defensive driving tips I have collected in my lifetime.

Don't worry—our goal here is not to preach at you or guilt you into checking the rear-view mirror every five seconds (who actually does that?). We won't even yell at you for having a lead foot every so often. And we won't just pass along the same "Well, duh" car driving tips you'll find everywhere else on the internet.

Instead, we'd like to share some guidelines that have helped us avoid  accidents in our vast experience on America's roadways. Because that's what it's all about: getting there safely, regardless of whether you followed the letter of every single traffic law along the way.

Some Car Driving Tips from Our Many Road Trips

Here are some car driving tips for you to explore.

Driving safety tips. Get a refresher on safe driving by reading and following these simple guidelines. Highly recommended for new drivers. 

Cell phone driving. What's the deal with cell phone driving? Is it legal? Is it safe? Find out here.

Is speeding worth it? Speeding facts. Find out whether it's worth exceeding the speed limit on your road trips, or in your daily driving around town. 

Beat a traffic ticket. Got pulled over? Worried about your insurance rates? Here are some tips for softening the blow of that ticket, or maybe even getting out of it entirely.

Parent teen driving contract. This simple document can greatly increase communication and trust between a young driver and his or her parents.

Car ergonomics. Ever finished a long drive and felt the tension in your neck, shoulders, and back for days? Here are five tips for helping you relax your body while you drive.

Disclaimer: Road Trip Ready does not condone speeding, reckless driving, or a disregard for traffic laws. Just because you didn't get a ticket doesn't mean you drove safely.

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