Road Trip Food: What to Eat, and Why

There are two good reasons why you should care about road trip food. First of all, food is an essential part of enjoying any vacation. While you're on your road trip, you'll want to be sure you experience new tastes as well as new sights and sounds.

But even more importantly, selecting the right eats is a matter of safety. On a regular vacation, if you eat a really heavy lunch, you can always go back to your hotel and crash. On a road trip, if you eat a really heavy lunch, you may get back behind the wheel and crash.

Remember: Road Trip Food Is Your Fuel

If you eat the wrong things on your road trip, you could end up light-headed, drowsy at the wheel, or even too sick to drive. If you eat the right things, you'll have the energy you need to maintain your focus on the road as you explore all the little roadside attractions you find.

Having said that, there's no such thing as a perfect food. It all depends on your typical diet, your likes and dislikes, and your budget. We'll help you think through some options, warn you of a few potential pitfalls, and get your mouth watering for the meals and treats you'll soon be enjoying along the highways and back roads of America.

Our Top 7 Road Trip Food Resources

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Best fast food. OK, so these offerings may not be the most nutritious. But they sure taste good.

Healthy restaurants. Stopping for a sit-down meal? These restaurants serve food that doesn't bite you back.

What not to eat on a road trip. Follow these simple, clear guidelines to avoid unpleasant bathroom stops and other road trip inconveniences.

Eating while driving. Yes, it's possible to eat and drive at the same time, without wrecking your car or soiling your clothes. Here's how.

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