How to Save Gas on Your Road Trip

Over the past few years, everybody ran around wondering how to save gas. That's what outrageous prices at the pump will do to you. Prices have recently gone down a bit—but that doesn't mean they'll stay low. Nor does it mean there aren't plenty of other valid reasons to try to conserve fuel.

Can You Love Road Trips Without Being a Fuel Hog? 

Don't worry—we're not going to launch into a discussion of U.S. energy policy. And we're not even rabid environmentalists. But we do  like clean air, and we don't like seeing resources wasted. We also love road trips (obviously).

That puts us in a little pickle. To avoid being called hypocrites, and to help make your road trip more affordable, we've decided to provide some tips to save you gas, as well as some information on finding the best gas prices.

Gas is one of the major expenses of your road trip. If you're driving an RV, it may be your number-one expense. But even if you're driving a Honda Civic, those fill-ups still add up. Either way, making even a few slight adjustments can save you big money on your next road trip.

More Thoughts on How to Save Gas

In the resources below,  we've divided our focus between helping you get more from each gallon of gas, and helping you buy each gallon of gas more cheaply. We hope these pages are helpful to you.

Fuel efficient driving. Here are some tips on getting more miles out of each tank of gas.

Ways to increase gas mileage. Regardless of current gas prices, who wouldn't want some reliable ways to increase gas mileage? Here are five tips.

Fueleconomy. Visit for valuable gas-saving tips. Here are five features we love on this government-run site.

Hypermiling. This set of extreme fuel-saving techniques may not be as far-out as you think. Read this page to learn a few unorthodox ways to save gas on your next road trip.

World gas prices. According to our recent research, Americans are actually pretty fortunate when it comes to gas prices.

MSN Gas Prices. Another way to save on gas prices is to look for the cheapest gas stations online. MSN provides a handy tool that will help.

Spend some time here figuring out how to save gas on your next road trip. You'll have more money to spend on something you really care about.

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