Fuel Efficient Driving: The Best Revenge for High Gas Prices

Some people see fuel efficient driving as a way to save gas. Others see it as a way to save the environment. But even with pump prices plummeting, it always feels good to get there with a quarter tank to spare.

There are some easy steps you can take to avoid wasting fuel. You might even find that your next road trip is more enjoyable as a result.

Here's what we recommend:

1. See a red light up ahead? Step off the gas. Even if the light turns green again, chances are you'll still be rolling and it will be easy to get back up to the speed limit. Note that if you plan on driving this way, it's best to stick to the middle or slow lane. People in the fast lane tend to get ticked off when they see people driving in a calm, responsible manner.

2. Avoid taking off like a jackrabbit from a stoplight. The people behind you can wait an extra second for you to drive sensibly. Actually, it's best to take your foot off the break and roll for a split second, and then gently give it some gas.

3. Turn your engine off if you're expecting a long wait. Modern engines don't waste nearly as much gas during startup as old engines did. As a result, it's no longer the smartest choice to sit idling for five minutes in a fast food drive-thru.

4. Empty your trunk and back seat of any extraneous heavy items. They may make only a tiny impact on fuel efficiency, but why waste even a thimble-full of gas?

Apply the tips that best fit your lifestyle and personality. But be sure you do something.

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