Road Trip Essentials: What to Bring and How to Pack It

Don't leave home without your road trip essentials. Although it can be fun to shop for items in a strange town, you don't want to be lacking a can't-live-without-it item after a long day of driving when you just want to get some rest.

Everyone's idea of key road trip supplies will be different. To one person, the list will include a good inflatable travel pillow. To another, it's wrinkle free travel clothes that let them look fresh and clean even after sitting in a car for eight hours.

And for still another person, it's a travel coffee maker that gives them just the right jump-start in the morning (and, more importantly, lets them avoid those mediocre-at-best hotel lobby brews).

Don't overlook the importance of knowing where to find cheap motel rooms, the wonders of the Coleman Road Trip Grill, and the joys of the Pilot Travel Center.

Some Road Trip Essentials to Consider

Before you set out on your next journey, make sure you have access to these road trip essentials:

Mobile internet providers. Keep your internet connection as you drive. These providers can get you online from just about anywhere.

Travel coffee maker. Avoid bad road joe by bringing your own coffee-making apparatus with you. It's easier than you think.

Cheap motel rooms. How can you find a clean, comfortable room without breaking the bank? These tips will help you.

Pilot Travel Center. These road trip oases are not just for truckers—they have something for everyone.

Discount radar detectors. Nothing ruins a road trip like a speeding ticket. So, drive safely—and consider getting a little electronic help to keep you out of trouble.

Wrinkle free travel clothes. If you don't want to arrive at your destination looking like you slept in the car, be sure to pack the right fabrics.

Road trip games. Nothing helps pass the time like playing a few road trip games. Try out these old classics and new inventions.

Inflatable travel pillow. You'd be surprised how handy (and affordable) these little things can be.

Coleman Road Trip Grill. Decide whether this handy, versatile cooking appliance is a good investment for your next road trip.

Suitcase packing tips. Get more out of your limited trunk space by following these simple guidelines.

Portable tire inflator. Are you still driving around without this essential device that can keep you safe and help you get better gas mileage?

Road trip gift guide. Shopping for the road tripper in your life? These gift suggestions will help.

Road trip essentials are in the eye of the beholder. We've tried to include a few good ones here, but you'll no doubt explore on your own to add to the list of items you can't do without on your driving vacation.

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