The inflatable travel pillow: A road tripper's best friend

An inflatable travel pillow may be one of the last things you've thought of packing for your next road trip. But if you plan on napping while someone else drives, you're going to be glad you brought this little convenience along.

Now, I know some people bring regular bed pillows along on road trips, and that's fine. But regular pillows can be surprisingly bulky in a small car.

They're always in the way when you're trying to sit down. They're constantly flopping around while you load the car. And if you spill something on them, you've suddenly got a soiled mess on your hands.

An inflatable travel pillow, on the other hand, is there when you need it and gone otherwise. It takes up virtually no space while compacted. It blows up easily because it's much smaller than a bed pillow. And it can be nearly as comfortable as what you sleep on every night.

So, by now you're no doubt sold on the idea of bringing a blow-up pillow on your next road trip. What to shop for? Here are some things to consider:

  • Texture. Perhaps you've been reading this article and picturing a tacky plastic pillow that sticks to your skin. If so, you'll be glad to know that they now make inflatable travel pillows with a soft, velvety texture.

  • Size. Even the smallest rectangular models I've come across are a generous 10" x 17".

  • Shape. Some pillows are simple rectangles. But it's actually easier to find models that wrap around the neck for ultimate comfort.

  • Price. Here's the best news: do your homework on the web, and you can find a basic pillow for as low as $5, plus shipping.

Here's the bonus: if you find the right blow-up pillow, you may just decide to use it in place of your hotel pillow at night. And if you're camping, you'll especially appreciate having an inflatable travel pillow. Sweet dreams!

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