The Coleman Road Trip Grill: A Good Investment?

Are you considering buying a Coleman Road Trip Grill for your next trip? I can understand why.

It's versatile: you can use it as a grill, griddle, or stove. It runs on a convenient, widely available fuel source (propane) and can be lit without a match. It's flexible: you can stand it on its legs on virtually any surface, or stick it on a tabletop.

But here's the big question: will you actually use it?

We at Road Trip Ready know all too well that it's tempting to go out and buy lots of new road trip gear before a big trip. We justify these purchases by saying the new gizmo will "come in handy" on some distant road.

There's nothing more disappointing than unpacking the car at the end of a road trip and realizing that most of your brand new gear is still brand new. Not only have you wasted money by buying the items, but you've also wasted gas by carting them around unnecessarily.

So before you buy that Coleman Road Trip Grill, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where are we staying? If you're spending most nights in hotels, you're not going to be able to grill your dinner in the parking lot. But if you're staying at campgrounds, the grill may be perfect for you.

  • Where will we get meat? You'll need to be near grocery stores for meat. And since food storage is tricky on the road, you'll probably want to grill and eat everything you buy in one go.

  • How will we clean up? There's no way you'll want to cart around a dirty grill. Make sure you'll have access to running water and dish detergent to clean up after a meal. You may also need to pack paper plates, plastic eating utensils, and so on.

The Coleman Road Trip Grill sells itself. It's awesome. Just make sure that before you plunk down the cash, you'll actually get a return on your investment.

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