Road Trip Gift Guide: Christmas Shopping Made Easy

Looking for a gift for the road trip fanatic in your life? We have seven ideas to jump-start your shopping. These gifts range from the highly practical to the geeky to the totally unexpected. Take a look.

Seven Road Trip Gift Ideas

Gift Idea #1: Portable Tire Pump

We’ll admit it: this is one of the most unexciting gift ideas ever. But it’s also highly practical and a must for anyone who’s on the road a lot. 

We’ve written before about the wisdom of having a portable tire pump in your trunk at all times. You can use this pump to fill up an underinflated tire anywhere, anytime, as long as your car will start. Get yours now >

Gift Idea #2: Car Organizer

Let’s stay in Practical Mode for a while longer. Anyone who spends a lot of time in their car probably struggles to keep the interior tidy. That’s more than just an aesthetic concern; disorder can cause frustration and even safety hazards for a driver who can’t find a map, a phone charging cord, or a favorite CD. 

This handy, flexible car organizer solves the problem once and for all. It’s an especially great gift for families who drive a lot. Check it out > 

Gift Idea #3: Car Emergency Kit

Before we get to the fun stuff, we have one more not-so-exciting suggestion for you. Say you’re in an office Secret Santa program and have to buy a gift for that VP you barely know. You don’t want to go too personal—that’s just creepy. And you don’t want to go too generic, because you’ll be sending the message you don’t really care. So, go practical. 

It’s hard to get much more practical than a car emergency kit. Nobody buys themselves these things, but when you need one, you really need one. Here’s a good one that won’t break the bank >

Gift Idea #4: A Virtual Gym

Here’s where it starts to get fun. Know a road tripper who likes to stay in great shape? Ever heard them complain that they have to skip their workouts when they’re on the road? 

Here’s how to solve their problems forever. Dragon Door Fitness publishes e-books that teach you how to not just stay in shape, but actually get in the best shape of your life using only your own bodyweight. No gym. No running shoes. Just simple, clear instructions on how to get an intense workout no matter where you happen to be. And if you send your friend the e-book version, he or she will really be able to travel light on the next road trip.  

I’ve been working out for years but never really found a program that got me the results I wanted. Then I bought Dragon Door’s Convict Conditioning book. Now, my wife keeps telling me how different I look—and at this writing, I’ve only been following the program for about two months. Enough said. Get your copy >

Gift Idea #5: Eagle Eye Vision

Every road warrior can use better eyesight. Spotting a hazard one-tenth of a second sooner can mean the difference between life and death, or at least between a shredded tire and a near-miss. 

But if you’re like most glasses-wearers, you’ve spent years getting stronger and stronger prescriptions while watching your vision grow weaker and weaker. Where does it end? For most people, the cycle simply perpetuates. Vision Gym offers you the very real chance of breaking the cycle—and perhaps even improving your vision. 

With Vision Gym, you spend just a few minutes a day doing highly specific eye exercises designed to sharpen your vision. You measure your progress using the provided charts and tests. Within a matter of weeks, you may find yourself not only gaining a better view of the road, but also enjoying life more. Take a peek at this unique program >

Gift Idea #6: For Tech Geeks Only

Some road trippers are in it for the view. Others love to analyze every drive: What kind of mileage did I get? What kind of time did I make? 

A new service called Automatic helps road trippers keep track of all of this and more. You buy a little adapter that plugs into a  slot you’ve probably never even noticed in your car. The adapter talks to an app on your phone. The app tracks detailed statistics about your driving habits—juicy numbers you can view anytime on any web-connected device. 

Automatic is a great way to keep track of your road trips as well as your mundane errands around town. It’s the rare gift that your loved ones will probably use every day of the year. Check this out >

Gift Idea #7: A Whole New Way of Life?

Deep down, every devoted road tripper I’ve ever met wanted one thing: to spend their days traveling around the country whenever they wanted, seeing all the sights and living life on their own terms. The internet is full of get-rich-quick secrets that promise you benefits like these. 

Solo Build It! (SBI!) is different. It will not get you rich quickly. But if you have great ideas and work hard in your spare time, you can build a business that eventually replaces your full-time income and enables you to transition to a full-time road trip lifestyle. 

SBI! gives you all the tools you need to build a money-making website. If you have life experience, a dash of creative genius, and even decent writing skills, you can start your own business today. It’s the platform we’re using to build Road Trip Ready and to send out the Road Trip Ready newsletter. I’ll bet you and your loved ones have an even better idea for a website!

If you’re not 100% sure that building an online business is for you, that’s no problem. SBI! allows you to get started with a month-to-month membership that’s easy to cancel anytime. Don’t sit back and wait for your dreams to come true. Take a step towards achieving them today! 

Start now >

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