Road Trip Planner: Streamline a Fun Task

You need a road trip planner because road trip planning isn't always easy. In fact, it's a bit more complicated than organizing most other types of vacations. With typical vacations, you just fly somewhere and lie around for two weeks. With a road trip, you're constantly on the move. Every leg of your journey, and every stop you make, will require some forethought.

Road trip planning is when your dreams and wishes meet with reality. Is it really feasible to drive 2,000 miles in three days flat, with three kids in the car? Can you make it all the way to Salt Lake City by Friday while still having enough time to stop and see the two National Parks you want to see along the way?

The Importance of Thinking Ahead

As you can see, planning an unforgettable journey isn't something you can do just by punching a few pieces of information into a web page and clicking Submit. You've got to think not only about where you're heading and how long you want to take to get there, but also where you'll stay along the way, what you'll need to pack, how much you're willing to spend, what kinds of attractions you want to see along your route, and where you'll sleep each night.

So, use these pages as a step-by-step road trip planner. Each article is meant to guide your decisions based on our unique experiences. We'll connect you with what we think are the best decision-making and route-charting resources so you don't have to spend hours scouring the internet.

Your planning may involve websites, printed maps, guidebooks, magazines, and various other resources. Your dining room table may be a bit of a mess for a while. But the time you put in now can virtually guarantee an enjoyable trip later.

And remember: plotting your course is half the fun. So, don't let it stress you out.

Your Step-by-Step Road Trip Planner

Road Trip Planning Guide. This detailed 97-page guide will help you plan virtually every aspect of your next big road trip.

Road trip checklist. Use this handy checklist to minimize forgotten items on your next road trip.

Road trip cost. Follow these steps to figure out the cost of your ideal road trip.

Road trip stops. Don't underestimate road trip stops. They're more than just a chance to refuel and recharge. They can also provide some of the most memorable moments on your road trip.

Road trip with dogs. If you're driving with your dogs, you'll need to plan a bit more carefully to ensure you all have a great time and get there safely.

Packing for a road trip. Follow these basic guidelines to make loading and unloading go a little more smoothly.

Cheap hotel websites. Let's face it: you probably want to lodge as inexpensively as possible on your next road trip. These websites will help.

Car maintenance schedule. As you're planning your road trip, avoid unpleasant surprises by maintaining your car properly.

Does it all sound like a lot of work? Don't worry—planning your road trip is actually a huge part of the fun.

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