Radar Detector Ratings: Where to Find Them

Want the best radar detector? Check out some radar detector ratings. In this age of the internet, product ratings are never far away. Of course, that works both ways. You can actually waste a lot of time searching the web before you find helpful ratings and product reviews. There are a lot of sloppy websites out there.

Let us save you some time. Here are the websites that we think have the most useful radar detector ratings:

Amazon.com: You probably already thought of Amazon, but we had to mention it just in case. The one problem with Amazon searches is that even if you're in the right category and use a precise search term, you can end up with a lot of irrelevant items.

Find the highest-rated radar detectors with as little hassle as possible.

IntelliReview: If you want to see customer ratings but would also like to read summaries of customer reviews (to save you the time of wading through them one by one), IntelliReview's radar detector ratings will be just what you're looking for.

IntelliReview also provides price comparisons from several leading websites. This is a great way to scope out the market.

007RadarDetectors.com: Looking for something a bit more scientific? 007RadarDetectors actually road-tests all the units it reviews and posts the results online. Check out their 2009 test results.

CNET: If you want to get a few expert opinions with your customer reviews, try CNET. CNET enables you to use ratings and editors' reviews to make sure you're getting a good deal. It also provides price ranges from several websites.

As a little bonus, here are our thoughts on finding the best overall radar detector.

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