Road Trip Checklist: Use This to Help You Pack

When we began creating a road trip checklist for our readers here at Road Trip Ready, we initially thought we'd include only obscure items that people would be most likely to forget. But then we realized that people often forget to pack really obvious items, such as underwear, while remembering to bring the spare battery for their camcorder.

That means the most useful checklist for a road trip is one that takes a broader focus. Below, we've tried to include as many items as possible:

   Clothing    Baby and Child Items
   Socks    Car-friendly toys
   Underwear    Favorite doll or teddy bear
   Undershirts    Bedtime books
   Belt    Night light
   Hat    Blanket
   Swim trunks/swimsuit    Diapers
   Pajamas    Baby wipes
   Workout clothes    Changing pad
   Jacket or sweatshirt    Hand wipes
   Food and Drinks    Pastimes
   Snacks for car    Frisbee
   Snacks for hotel/campground    Ball and gloves
   Ice chest    Nerf football
   Car water jug    Travel games
   Cups    Books and magazines
   Plates    Book lamp
   Eating utensils    Camera
   Eyewear    Binoculars
   Sunglasses    Headphones
   Glasses    Laptop computer
   Contact lenses    iPod/iTouch
   Medical    Toiletries
   First aid kit    Toothbrush
   Basic medications    Toothpaste
   Prescription medications    Dental floss
   Sunscreen/suntan lotion    Shaving kit
   Aloe (for sunburn)    Soap
   Vitamins    Shampoo
   Automotive    Hairbrush
   Spare tire    Contact lens solution
   Emergency car kit    Glasses cleaner

Bonus Tip: Set important items in front of your front door (or door to the garage) the night before you leave. That way, it will be physically impossible for you to leave without them.

We hope you'll get a lot of use out of this checklist. Feel free to customize it by adding your own items on the back of this sheet.

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Road Trip Checklist