Why Buy a New Car Online? Four Myths Debunked

Who would buy a new car online? What could be the advantages of doing so? And how could you overcome the potential risks?

Lots of people do their car research online nowadays. Actually pulling the trigger on a purchase is another matter entirely. But the concept is not as crazy as it seems. In fact, it makes a lot of sense for certain kinds of people who have certain goals in their car shopping process.

It may make sense for you, too - if you can get beyond these four myths about online car shopping:

Myth. It's risky to buy a new car online.
Fact. Online car buying services offer you the same manufacturer warranty you'd get at a car lot.

Myth. When you buy a new car online, you're completely on your own.
Fact. Car shopping websites don't just show you a list of cars that meet your specifications and then let you complete the purchase process online. They do employ real people who can help you. For example, a CarsDirect Vehicle Specialist can act as your personal shopper and guide you through the entire car-buying process.

Myth. Online car shopping websites don't offer the full spectrum of services that dealers offer.
Fact. CarsDirect, for one, can connect you with auto loans and car insurance as an integrated part of your buying experience.

Myth. When you buy a new car online, you can't trade in your current car.
Fact. An online car shopping company is just as likely to accept trade-ins as a dealer. In fact, some leading car shopping websites also sell used cars - and where do you think they get them?

And here are our top three reasons you might want to buy a car online:

1. You eliminate the whole experience of walking onto a lot and wandering around in the hot sun or bitter cold.

2. You're not limited to the one or two makes that each dealer offers - you can search across makes for the best fit, all in seconds.

3. You don't have to deal with a salesperson until you've already narrowed your options and requested a quote.

So, don't overlook the benefits of using the web to accelerate the car-buying process.

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