Finding Child Car Seat Covers at a Good Price

Why invest in child car seat covers before your next road trip? Because if you wait until you actually need a cover, you'll be too late. Car seat covers can help keep food, drink, sweat, and other bodily secretions off your kid's car seat, which means the seat will last longer and look better.

Of less importance, but still worth considering, is the fact that a simple cover gives you an opportunity to decorate the car seat with the colors - and perhaps characters - of your choosing. If you've got a baby or toddler who doesn't like riding in the car, having an attractive seat cover can make all the difference in their attitude on your next road trip.

More About Child Car Seat Covers

Shopping for child car seat covers is much easier than shopping for the actual car seats. You won't have safety ratings to consider and countless shapes and sizes to sift through. Instead, you'll be able to narrow your search using a few categories and then pick the style you like best.

Most of the stores or websites you visit will offer both infant and toddler car seat covers. Simply select the style that best matches the general shape and size of your car seat.

Within that style, you'll have a couple more options from which to choose. Simple slip covers are covers that are easy to put on and take off your car seat. These are good covers to have if you like to launder your covers often, or if you just have a flair for style and want to vary the look of your child's car seat more frequently.

Full replacement covers, on the other hand, are more complicated to take on and off, but they provide a more secure fit. They're ideal for car seats on which the original lining is heavily stained or has experienced severe wear and tear.

The Best of Both Worlds?

The perfect car seat cover would be spill-proof and leak-proof, offering a secure fit on the seat while also being easy to install and remove. There's probably no such thing as a perfect product.

But the Nomie child car seat cover - available for either baby or toddler seats - is pretty darn good. It's mess-proof, it's easy to install with Velcro straps, and it has a snug fit due to the elastic trim. The Nomie also fits most major car seat brands.

Now, if you have certain styles of car seats, you're going to find that you need to look for specific covers to fit them. The Graco Snugride is one such "finicky" seat. Babylooms makes a cover specifically for this model.

And if you're looking for something really unusual, take a look at the Jolly Jumper Sneak a Peek Carseat cover. Your baby will be completely covered except for that sweet little face. Looks like a good option for cold climates.

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