How to Buy Children Luggage That Makes Sense

Need to buy your children luggage for your next road trip? There are few things cuter than little tiny suitcases, backpacks, and overnight bags. But if you're on a budget, you're looking for cost-effective ways to equip your kids with the essentials.

Here are some tips to consider before you buy your children luggage:

  • If they won't use it, it's a waste of money. Tough choice between two children's suitcases? If one of them is cheaper, but it's a little bit cumbersome, then guess what? It's not such a good deal.

    They'll either struggle with it for the whole trip and be miserable, or they'll want to leave it home and put their clothes in your case instead.

  • Wheels are good. Little people tire easily. Keeping usability in mind, favor the suitcases or backpacks that have wheels.

  • Personalization isn't a must. Custom embroidery looks cute, but it drives up the price for no good reason. And in an age of identity theft, do you really want your child walking around with their name on display for all the world to see?

    Having said that, you can often find great deals on personalized children's luggage that somebody decided not to buy. You can always sew a swatch of fabric over the name if it doesn't happen to be the name of your child.

  • Use smaller adult luggage instead. Got any small, seldom-used tote bags or duffel bags lying around? Put them to use as children's luggage. These bags may be too small for your purposes, but they're often just the right size for a few kids' outfits – and they're free.

Ratings to consider as you buy your children luggage.

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