Kelowna 2012

by Annie
(Athabasca, Alberta, Canada)

Mommies, Kiddies, and Nannies Road Trip to Kelowna. The dad's are off to Scotland on a golf trip so we decided to take the kids (and us) on a distraction trip and enjoy ourselves in the sun. Looking forward to games, beaches and fun.

Athabasca, Alberta to Kelowna, British Columbia? That looks like a fun trip. It's a far enough drive to be a bit of an adventure, but not so far that it will be risky with kids. It looks like you'll be passing through the major cities in the first leg, and then seeing the state parks in the second leg. We love road trips where you get a balance of seeing cities with amenities and seeing the wilds where there's hardly a soul around. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy the drive. (We'd take a road trip over golfing in Scotland any day!)

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