Maritime Vacation

by bernice King
(sault ste marie ontario)

We plan to leave Sault Ste Marie, Ontario on Jul 5. We are travelling by MH. Want to go about 400 miles per day. First stop is Pembroke, ontario. Need campgraound info also. Plan to go to Chateauguay Quebec for 2 nites and need campground in area. Leave there and to to New Brunswick perhaps Edmundson, and then on down to Saint John. Want to stay a few days there and take the ferry over to Halifax and see some of the country there. Will need the ferry price and times, and wheter we need reservation. Want to end up in Sydney NS to visit friends there for a few days. Leave there and to to PEI to golf and stay 2-3 days. Need campgrounds also. Leave there and head back to Ontario.

Bernice, that sounds like an epic road trip. While we're more familiar with the U.S., we do know of a wonderful website for all your Canadian campground needs:

You can use that website to search for campgrounds in any province. This will give you many options to choose from in each location.

As for the ferry from St. John, New Brunswick to Halifax, Nova Scotia, the only ferry we were able to locate was the Princess Acadia, which goes to Digby, Nova Scotia. Check out this website:

There, you'll find info on fares and schedules. We hope this is helpful. Have a great trip!

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